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      Oneup micro dose capsules



      Oneup micro dose capsules

      Micro-dosing is the process of dispensing a precise amount of drug substance into a container – typically capsules, but also bottles or vials – for use in early phase human clinical studies. These “powder in capsule” (PIC) or “powder in bottle” (PIB) studies generally avoid the use of excipients – and the compatibility and stability studies associated with their use – thereby accelerating early phase product development timelines. Accelerating these initial studies to determine if the drug substance should receive further investment is critical in cost-effective product development. Oneup micro dose capsules

      Micro-dosing for PIC evaluations is a key component of our early stage product development offering aimed at accelerated feasibility and first-in-human (FIH) studies. Precision micro-dosing is an increasingly effective tool given the trend towards highly potent compounds requiring very small and precise dose levels.

      Uses & Effectiveness

      • High levels of cholesterol or other fats lipids in the blood (hyperlipidemia). Taking one up mushroom capsules by mouth doesn’t seem to lower cholesterol levels in people with diabetes or high cholesterol.

      There is interest in using one up mushroom capsules for a number of other purposes, but there isn’t enough reliable information to say whether it might be helpful.

      Side Effects

      When taken by mouth: one up mushroom capsules extract is possibly safe when used for up to one year. Powdered whole one up mushroom capsules is possibly safe when used for up to 16 weeks. one up mushroom can cause dizziness dry. mouth, itching, nausea, stomach upset, and rash.


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